To Know Yourself Is To Love Yourself


People tell me all the time that they don’t feel good enough inside to do what they want to do. This comes from a number of reasons including confidence, inner critics, anxiety and more. When you love yourself, amazing things happen. You get the things you want (including jobs, relationships, money).

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The only way to love yourself is to get to know yourself! If you love yourself, you will begin to do things that fulfill your happiness, your confidence, and even your willingness. It will help you succeed.

We spend a lot of our lives discovering ourselves. We are people…we change. We have to keep discovering because it’s only through this we can become empowered and know how we can change ourselves to become our best. We develop an appreciation for who we are. You don’t have to wait to get that job we want – you can start loving yourself today. Here are some things you can do to start loving yourself:

1. Take time to meditate and journal

Spend just 10 minutes every morning or before you go to bed to focus on YOU! What thoughts do you have, what do you want to reflect on, what are you grateful for? Write it down. Learn more ways to reduce tension with this awesome post!

2. Start each day with love

Before you even get out of bed, remind yourself of your appreciation for you and those around you. Take in the love, and keep it with you throughout the day. Spend your day focusing on the positivity you brought into your day. Learn 5 ways to start positive thinking with this post!

3. Be in tune with your emotions

At what point do you feel small? At what point do you feel great? Note these things and bring more (or less) of it into your life. Do not push aside the bad feelings, but instead acknowledge why they are there and how you can stop them. When we change our thinking we change our life. Read my post about how to start doing that.

4. Be patient

Aligning yourself and getting to know who you are is not going to happen overnight. It takes work to discover who you are. Take your time, know this is a process and do not get discouraged. Be patient with yourself.

5. Forgive yourself

Whether you have failed, made a bad decision or talking down to yourself, you must learn how to forgive and move on. Learn from your mistakes and go forward as it’s the only way we can learn. Say to yourself out loud, “I forgive myself”.

When you know yourself and love yourself you make choices aligned with who you are. Loving yourself is how you become kick ass!

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