5 Reasons Why Money Matters


Yikes….I was told as a young girl that talking about money is rude. Money is also the root of all evil, right? I really need to stay away from money. It is bad….and people with it are bad!! Those were the messages I grew up with, how about you?  Just like many of us, I was raised to be honest, modest and a hard worker.

I was raised that envy, money and greed go together.  So, work hard for little money is how that works out…heck no! As a young catholic girl money was the devil and to be avoided at all costs! But, we need money. We need money to live, to give and to create comfort. I had been confused for so long…..so many years I was shy and embarrassed and avoided any and all conversations about money.

Employers, whatever you pay is fine, friends and family, whatever you want from me is fine.

I had no respect for money or….myself.

Heck, I even had debt issues that I hid and felt shame over….of course I did.  My relationship with money was a very dysfunctional one…..VERY!  

Until I began my proper love affair.

Many lessons, confessions and trainings later…

I learned to bring money closer to me.

I began to love what money brought to my life.

My surroundings were nicer.

My generosity had no strings.

My freedom soared, my joy increased, did I mention my giving increased?

Are you uncomfortable now?

Has this money conversation pushed your buttons?

Relax and just let the thoughts emerge. What do you think about money?

How is it holding you back?

There are 5 reasons why money matters

(there are many more, but let’s tackle 5 obvious ones) and once you embrace these, your life will get a bit easier.  As a matter of fact, when we release shame and scarcity out of our heart, money becomes a close friend rather than an annoying critic or enemy.

  1. Money builds houses.

We all know that our shelter costs money. Our food, water and shelter are the basic building blocks to living. In order for education, personal development and freedom to be achieved we must have our basic needs satisfied. The iconic psychologist Abraham Maslow’s work is still important to us today. I speak with folks who are under-employed all the time. When I ask how much money they want to make in the future…they squirm…get red-faced, say “it’s not important, I just want to help people and be happy”. That is backwards. I know we were raised to think that way, but stay with me for a bit and you may see another paradigm emerging.

When our basic needs are met, we can then…..When we are warm, happy and secure we can then….

When we are not out fighting with others because we need to have territory, food or security……..we can then create a life that is joyous and free.

  1. Money creates opportunity for choices.

Yes, money allows us to choose. Did you go to the school you wanted to or the one you had to? Did you buy the car you wanted to or the one you could afford? Did you send your favorite niece that special computer so she could design the next high-tech bridge or….? I am not faulting you here. Nor do I expect that you will just be able to have everything you want. Ok, maybe someday.

You deserve to have more and to be able to have choices in life. Money allows us to have that. But, isn’t the love of money the root of all evil? (I heard you think that.) I have seen lack of money create more harm and destruction. I have seen lack and scarcity be more the root of evil. Yes, greed and money for money’s sake and control can be very damaging. The real answer is this:

Money and power reveal who you really are.

So, if you are generous and big-hearted and moral and a great soul…you will be more of that with money. Thank you Oprah, Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and numerous others who have begun real movements to cure and solve many of our world’s problems.

  1. Money allows you to execute your dreams.

Ah…yes….with money you can start that business. You can go back to school and learn more. Your dreams are right there. With the proper funding dreams get traction in the physical world. Writing that novel that is in you can be a scary proposition. A year off, funded by a big job and savings can be the difference between a dream and living in it. Prioritize money and your dreams will have the fuel they need. Keep shame and negative energy around money and your dreams will wither and die. DO not let your dreams die!

  1.  Money fuels causes you care about.  

Causes and movements are worthy of you. You can start a community project to house women and kids who are struggling. You can donate to water distribution crises around the globe, you can donate to your alma mater to bring higher level professors to the school. The list goes on and on. The causes you care about are calling you. They are worthwhile and can change the world. You need money to move them forward.  Raising money and/or contributing your own money requires a love of money, not disdain. You must have a great money relationship and prioritize money in order to really move your causes forward.

  1. Money reflects your consciousness.

Are you still with me? Has the inner gremlin voice grabbed your throat or sent you to the sink to splash cold water in your face? What is Mo talking about? Well…I am talking about the big, loud, elephant in the room.  Scarcity versus prosperity consciousness. All of the above reasons why money matters are simple to understand and they make sense in the physical universe in which our bodies reside. Food, water and shelter after all, are physical things. Yes, but the real reason why money matters is because your consciousness matters. Your ability to live in a prosperous, abundant mindset is really important. It is important to all of us. Your energy and the thoughts you put out in the world (all 60,000 per day) are the reflection of how you think and feel. Walking around with, “I can’t afford that” and, “that will never be possible” are thoughts that separate you from your highest self and from love and prosperity.

Your consciousness matters to the entire world.

The more people we have in their highest self, thinking prosperous thoughts, having an open heart and joy around everything and everyone, the better the world is.  When we stop judgement, shame, guilt and hurtful thinking and feeling….truly stop sending out those thoughts and the energy behind them….we are able to change us and the entire world.

Because, when you change the way you think, you change the world. When your consciousness is raised and you love yourself enough to ask your boss for a raise, or to put away $25 per month to save for that something special, you have claimed your future. When you shift to what’s possible and your worth in the world, the entire Universe opens up to you.

Write a love letter to money and see just how you feel about it. Open yourself up to embracing the reality of your worth and your ability to handle money and all that comes along with it.

I have seen miracles happen.

I have seen shifts to prosperity and self-worth change people and their families and….well the world.

You are worthy of a great life….that’s why money matters.

You are worth all the great things money can bring, both physically and emotionally.

You are worth the investment in YOU!

At this time of the year, take stock in your money plans and where you are financially. Make plans for next year to take it up a notch!

Let’s get your number one money generator cranked up…your career. Whether a new business or a new job, your career plan, path and desires must be worthy of you! Let’s talk about getting them on track for the new year!