Black Women’s Careers Matter: Powerful Leadership with Debbie Grant



Black Women’s Careers Matter

On this MOtivational Monday, I kicked off my Black Women’s Careers Matter series with my client Debbie. She shared the challenges, barriers, and frustrations she has encountered as a professional Black woman in her career.

All week on Facebook, we’ll be looking at the solutions that the Black women in my Kickass Career Workshop have used to level up, in spite of the disadvantages that Black women continue to face in their careers. This is one of the most important conversations of our times, and you’re invited to be part of it.

If you want access to the best support and the best coaching for professionals who want to uplevel their careers (YES,

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How To Make More Money at Work: You’re Worth It


Do you know how to make more money at work?

I know you want to make more money. 

And I know your time, expertise and experience is worth WAY MORE than you’re getting paid.

Every day, I help women make more money in their careers. Sometimes that money comes in the form of a raise, a bonus, a promotion, or a job with a better salary.

The tragic thing is, so many women leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table at their jobs, and they don’t even know it. 

If you’re unsure how to make more money at work,

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5 Ways To Tell If You Don’t Have Soul Esteem


5 Ways To Tell If You Don’t Have Soul Esteem

What the heck is soul esteem? Is it anything like self-esteem? And why should you care?

Soul esteem is the ONE thing my clients develop that propels them to success in their careers. 

Some people have it, and others don’t. The women that have it go farther, faster. The women that don’t, struggle. 

In this video, I share the surefire way to tell whether you have soul esteem — and how to develop it quickly if you don’t have it yet.

Do you believe you have soul esteem?

If you’re ready to turn your life around,

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Labor Day: How To Break Free From The Labor Myth


Do you know about The Labor Myth?

So many women buy into it — the myth that work is supposed to be hard. 

They think they should be grateful for what little they’ve got. 

They’re supposed to show up, shut up, accept a mediocre salary, and shrug their shoulders when their talents go unrecognized. 

It’s a terrible way to live. Like living in prison. A prison you must escape!

This Labor Day, let’s commit and break free from The Labor Myth.

If you aren’t making the money you deserve, and you aren’t happy and fulfilled at work,

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Navigating the Pandemic Through Fairy Tales: The Three Little Pigs


The stories that were read to us when we were little are alive and well in our subconscious minds. 

Navigating the Pandemic Through Fairy Tales: In this video, I’m looking at your career through the eyes of The Three Little Pigs. 

Picture it: COVID-19 is the Big Bad Wolf. Your career is the House of Straw. 

As we’re navigating the pandemic through fairy tales, what happens when the big bad wolf huffs and puffs? 

Watch and learn how your career can withstand the pressure. 

Let’s make certain your career is the unshakeable House of Brick. If you’re feeling nervous or unsure about your future,

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Are Women Too Emotional in the Workplace? The Myth and the Truth


Are women too emotional in the workplace?

Have you ever been accused of being “too emotional?” I have.

Look, it’s obvious: women are wired differently than men and are wired to crave connection.

This is why a little girl will give her toy to someone on the playground if she thinks it will cause them to be her friend — even if she’s heartbroken over the loss of the toy.

In the workplace, a woman will typically sacrifice pay, prestige, influence, and title for connection with others.

Which is why we underperform.

So why would anyone accuse women of being too emotional in the workplace — or anywhere? 

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The Blame Game: How to Avoid This Deadly Career Killer


There’s something I have to warn you about, and it’s frightening. 

It’s so scary it chills me to the bone. 

After coaching thousands of women over the years, I’ve discovered SIX major career killers. I’m going to tell you what #1 is below. 

But first, I have to tell you what these career killers are capable of, and what they frequently do.

These rampant career killers:

  • Cause FIGHTING AND TENSION among co-workers and peers
  • Make you and your talents INVISIBLE to your boss
  • Cause hundreds of thousands of dollars of LOST INCOME
  • Cause you to literally GIVE UP on your career and your dreams
  • Crush your soul and PARALYZE YOU WITH FEAR
  • Cause you to DOUBT YOURSELF to the bone


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Is the Pandemic Really Going to Affect Your Career?


Is the pandemic going to affect your career?

In all the great mythical stories, there’s an obstacle on the hero’s journey.

There’s darkness — something terrible and disruptive — that the hero must face to become who she’s born to be.

This pandemic is that dark force for so many of us. It has disrupted the way we live, work, and relate to each other. It is the disrupting force of our time.

And yet… it’s birthing more growth, more connection, and more opportunity than ever.

If you use it well, you can transform the darkness into a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to reinvent your career (and life).

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Your Job Is a Dirty Little Thief… and You’re Paying The Heaviest Price


Your job is a dirty little thief.

Yeah, I know… we’re supposed to be grateful for employment, especially during global catastrophes.

But I think it’s important for you to know that you’re allowed to enjoy what you do while you’re alive.

Does your job contribute in any way to your sense of fulfillment and well-being? Or does it rob you of joy, energy, and strength?

Since you’re here, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume your job is a dirty little thief

…a thief that robs you of vitality,

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Is Your Pain Too Comfortable?


This is your bottle of Tylenol speaking. I know you’re stressed so I’ll get straight to the point: 

Fact is, you’ve been hoovering down my contents like I’m a bag of skittles. It’s making me wonder…

Is your pain too comfortable? What are you ignoring or denying in life that’s creating this level of physical pain? 

Sometimes the body uses pain as a warning. Or it could be more accurate to say that your soul uses the body to send you messages. 

So I’ll ask again: is your pain too comfortable? What are you denying?

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