Let’s Heal the World Together: A Healing Meditation

Together, we can heal the world.

This is an unprecedented time for us as human beings.

We’re feeling the pain, anger and frustration on this planet very deeply.

And the reason we’re feeling it is because there’s something inside of us that needs to be healed, too.

If there was nothing to heal inside you, there would be nothing to heal “out there.”

That’s because We Are One. One Soul. One Energetic Being.

So please join me in this healing meditation that comes directly from my heart and soul to your heart and soul.

Or, more accurately, we could say it comes straight from the heart of creation to itselfthrough You.

Your contribution to healing the world is to heal you.

I invite you to practice this type of expansion daily. Allow it to heal your soul so that you may be a positive light and love magnifier in your world, self-talk, and thoughts.

Remember: we are one. Never before have we experienced being one in such magnitude. Our appearance gives us the illusion that we are different. But the reality is that when one of us is hurt, all of us are hurt— we share struggles, worries, and insecurities. We are all connected.

Be healed so that you may heal. Let’s heal the world together!


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