Nadia’s Story: Overworked, Burnt Out, and Feeling “Not Enough”

Do you ever think or feel that you’re not enough?

This thinking/feeling pattern can be tough to identify. It starts in childhood and becomes so ingrained you hardly notice.

But here’s how you KNOW it’s operating under the surface:

  • You work yourself to the bone but never receive the validation, promotion or financial compensation you seek.
  • Fear stops you from using your voice to advocate for yourself.
  • Your shaky boundaries allow your boss and co-workers to take advantage of your work ethic.
  • You burn out and end up with physical symptoms or chronic illness.

My client Nadia was working 60 hours a week including overnight shifts. She hardly saw her children and ended up driving herself to the ER when her body finally rebelled.

And it all happened for just one reason: she believed, deep down, that she wasn’t enough.

Nadia’s ER doctor told her to “change her lifestyle.” He wrote a note that gave her permission to work only between the hours of 8 am and 6 pm. Shortly after, she joined our 12-week workshop…

…and EVERYTHING changed.

In less than 12 weeks, she:
✓ landed her dream job
✓ negotiated the kickass salary she wanted
✓ reclaimed her health
✓ prioritized time spent with family

The bottom line is that you are always enough. And you’re enough because you exist. Not because you please other people or put yourself last.

However, knowing you’re enough is, ironically, not enough to change your experience. You have to FEEL it on every level.

Are you feeling like you’re not enough?

You have to live your life in a new way — and preferably with a guide showing you how, so you don’t waste time.

Your life is precious, and you deserve to love your job and your life. Not in a year or ten years — but NOW.


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