Money is Your Birthright!

money is your birthright

Money, Money, Money.

Does it make you feel icky?

Does it make your skin crawl?

Does it conjure up feelings you don’t like?

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What better topic?

If money is not flowing to you you have a problem.

If your blood isn’t circulating, you would go to the closest Emergency Room… is the same thing….there is something serious to address.

Money is your birthright, abundance is your soul’s energy.

Get right with you and you will get right with money.

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Why is money so tainted?

We are all raised with ideas of money.

There is never enough. Why do we think that way?

“I have more pay than check!”

It is hard to keep. IS IT??

“I will always be in debt.”

Money is the root of all evil. No, actually lack of money creates more problems.

“See, people with money are bullies, just like….(fill in the blank).”

Money, just makes us more of who we are…so don’t blame innocent money for bad acting souls.

Money is an innocent vehicle of energy exchange and it has received such a bad reputation from many of us.

I understand this perspective.

I do.

Personally I have done a lot of work to receive.

Professionally I help my clients each week to own their worth and stand in their power.

Without a good money mindset life is difficult, bills seem endless and and the stress and strain in the family is unbearable.

Sometimes foreclosure or bankruptcy seem like the only options.

Credit cards are looked upon as evil creature who have DONE something to you.

Managing money seems to be a yes or no, use it or lose it proposition.

Over time many “money victims” fear money and convince themselves they really don’t want it anyway.

But……one truth resonates. It feels good to receive money and feel your worth.

It feels great to get that offer.

It feels great to finally have the relief of the income that will be greater than the bills.

“Mo, I’ve always just taken what was offered. Now I said no and I am making $35,000 MORE than my last job….this is a real game changer for my family.”

Another client after receiving an offer better than she ever imagined was afraid to enjoy her money. She was afraid of being judged by family, friends and church.

You are either resonating at the “I am worthy” or you are resisting it.

We have programs that stop is from receiving our abundance.

These are given to us by the lovely folks who raised us, the world at large and are reinforced by our experience.

The good news is we can change.

We are either open to our worth or we are resisting it.

Consider opening your vibrational thoughts to be more worthy.

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