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4 Ways to Rock Your Next Interview

The art of the interview. Yes, it is an art, meaning it is a skill you must work for, practice, and in the end master. It may not come easy, especially with little practice. Maybe you’re shy, you don’t like to speak up, or you have little experience with interviews. Whatever the reason may be, we all have to step up and interview. Even if you are shy, there are foolproof ways to present and prepare yourself to rock your next interview!

1. Get Interview Ready

It’s extremely important to prepare for an interview, even if you get one last second there are key steps you can take to really rock your interview! Not only will this calm your nerves and boost your confidence,

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Using the 5 Career Shifts: Shift #1 Operate with Total Integrity

In my 5 Shifts to Your KickAss Career training I talk about the importance of operating with total integrity.

If you make this mistake, you get fired- or worse…! Have you made the classic CLM mistake? That’s Career Limiting Move (CLM). You know, you say something about someone and you instantly feel the blood draining out of you.

You know the… “what do you think is wrong with Becky? I heard she and her husband are divorcing!” or the “I can’t stand her and her whiny voice.”  AND THEN… SHE walks into the office! Yikes!

The biggest CLM is gossiping. Classic mistakes and missteps happen when we are under stress and pressure.

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The Biggest Myth Of Action, Don’t Just Act!

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This week’s KICK ASS Career we are on A – for Action

When I start a video, my videographer says “ACTION!”

Now I have to be “ON”. If I didn’t know what I was going to say, I’d be lost. When the director yells ACTION, we have to ACT.

When else in life do we get such a great signal that it’s time to take action? If you have your kick-ass career in gear, you know it’s always time for action. But how do you know if it is right action?

So many people I talk to don’t know what action to take.

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Where do you NEED to LET GO?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “F” for Freedom

My closets are brimming over with old pillows, photographs, special trinkets from trips and all sorts of “meaningful” stuff. My shelves are full of my book “friends”. We have no more room to collect stuff and keep our things. “Wait, what if I need that someday?” I hear my fear creep in, I get sweaty with anxiety and I don’t know what I would do if I was right. Some far off day I may be asked to pull out that best seller from 2003 and delight someone with my savvy saving.

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New Year New You

This week we cover “M” for meaning, it is the first letter of MOST LIFE and it is no coincidence that it ends and starts this year. This time of the year we are given a  gift of closure as the year comes to a calendar close. This is a natural opportunity to reflect and plan. I always take the time to do year end and year beginning thinking. It is one of the most important uses of time. The nay-sayers will say, “why bother, it doesn’t matter”. Well, I say, of course it matters, any definite plan or thought(s) you have, especially when you write it down is worthwhile and sets in motion both conscious and subconscious action toward your plans.

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Carol Bradley tells Billie’s Breaking Free Story

This week on our “Ahead of the Curve” series we feature Author Carol Bradley. She tells of her passion for animal welfare and falling in love with the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary. She tells the story of Billie, in her quest to help all of us understand the need to take better care of these majestic animals. The Last Chain on Billie is a story of Freedom and releasing that final piece of what is holding us back. One can’t help but to relate to the pain and suffering these animals endure. We will all want to Free elephants and ourselves upon reading her heart-wrenching and honest examination of the captive elephant world.

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Will you cut off one more chain? What Chain is holding you back?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week.

This week we cover “F” for Freedom

Too busy to read?? Freedom is a highly sought state. Expressing ourselves, thinking for ourselves and BEING ourselves is a cherished place to be. We desire greater expression, thinking and being at peace with our own self and others.

Freedom comes in many stages, however the environments we become familiar with tend to shape our feelings of Freedom. Our expectations of Freedom in any given moment are shaped by our past Freedom and our future ideas of Freedom.

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Goals and Gratitude


It is the big “O” week, Organization.

I had a question this week, “What does a person do who’s mind is just so cluttered with thoughts? I don’t know where to start?”

The good news, Organization starts in the head, then gets in the heart.

Let’s explore–

A great start to getting organized is to set goals. We must know where we are going and WHY.

A cluttered mind can be a big distraction and, let’s face it is a great excuse for inaction. We might find ourselves saying, “well, I just have so many ideas, I don’t know where to start.” That leads to not starting ANYTHING.

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