Enjoying Entertaining!

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “L” for Living!!

Entertaining can take on many forms. It can be a simple dinner with friends that you add a few elements of flair or it can be a full out party with a band or DJ.

We enjoy entertaining and being with others because we are social beings. Coming together is essentially human and necessary. So, why not make plans, make them fun and make them interesting!

Why is entertaining others beneficial to me?

Creating fulfillment is an essential part of Living. By entertaining others we fulfill many parts of our lives;

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Barbara Blevins of TeamHealth talks about Togetherness

This week on the “Ahead of the Curve” series we feature, Barbara Blevins, President of Integrated Operations at TeamHealth.

Barbara Blevins in how she pulled a team Together to make care better for those who deserve more!  Listen as President of Integrated Operations at TeamHealth describes a turning point in her career, when the pressure was on for her to save a hospital caring for the mentally disadvantaged!

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How can you make the most of your Organizations?

This week on the “Ahead of the Curve” series we feature, Anne McGeorge a National Managing Partner in Health Care and runs Grant Thornton.

Anne is a woman who knows how to work within Organizations, her own and those of her client’s. She shares her secrets to success with us on how to leverage your internal and external Organizations. She clearly knows a thing or two about that, having been named “Woman Extraordinaire” by Business Leader magazine and one of Charlotte’s “Most Influential Women” by the Mecklenburg Times! She is here to share her insights!


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Can you use Organizations to grow? Can you grow Organizations?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “O” for Organization


This week we use Organization as a noun, not a verb. Whether you are in the workforce or not we all live in Organizations. The first Organization we all grew up in was our family. Then we were off to school to succeed in that Organization. If we were lucky enough the next step was/is an Organization called work or, perhaps you started your own family. Either way these Organizations thrive by a few key elements in common that you participate in.

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Are your HABITS controlling YOU? Or are you controlling them?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week.

This week we cover “M” for Meaning

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Get into a NEW HABIT– one of Gratitude

Do you control your habits or do your habits control you?

Habits are repeated actions. They embed in our mind (and body) when we add emotions and physical movement. The powerful addition of thoughts, action and emotions is what creates our character through habits. This is a powerful formula to understand and we can control it.  But, many of us do not control this powerful mix that adds up to our habits.

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Fawn Lopez, shares her journey out of her war torn homeland to success!

Fawn Lopez goes from fleeing Vietnam with her family to publisher of Modern Healthcare. Fawn Lopez shows us a thing or two about overcoming adversity and making life a joy!

She is inspiring, smart and open as she tells her story, as a 15 year old, not speaking English, landing in Missouri, “what now?”, she must have thought!

Hear her story and be moved by what she has accomplished!

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Mo’s Journey through Cancer and her Marathon redemption!

This week on our “Ahead of the Curve” series we feature ME 🙂 Since it is Breast Cancer Awareness Month I thought I would share my personal Breast Cancer journey, from marathon to marathon. I asked my good friend, Nicole Xiques co-founder of The Unguarded Heart to turn the camera to me so I could share my story.

Six years ago I heard the words no one wants to hear, “you have cancer.” Since it was found in my annual mammogram screening, it was caught early. Watch the interview and learn the challenges and purpose that drove me through my recovery. You don’t need a double mastectomy to find purpose in your life and Live Your MOST LIFE!

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Carol Bradley tells Billie’s Breaking Free Story

This week on our “Ahead of the Curve” series we feature Author Carol Bradley. She tells of her passion for animal welfare and falling in love with the elephants at the Elephant Sanctuary. She tells the story of Billie, in her quest to help all of us understand the need to take better care of these majestic animals. The Last Chain on Billie is a story of Freedom and releasing that final piece of what is holding us back. One can’t help but to relate to the pain and suffering these animals endure. We will all want to Free elephants and ourselves upon reading her heart-wrenching and honest examination of the captive elephant world.

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Will you cut off one more chain? What Chain is holding you back?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week.

This week we cover “F” for Freedom

Too busy to read?? Freedom is a highly sought state. Expressing ourselves, thinking for ourselves and BEING ourselves is a cherished place to be. We desire greater expression, thinking and being at peace with our own self and others.

Freedom comes in many stages, however the environments we become familiar with tend to shape our feelings of Freedom. Our expectations of Freedom in any given moment are shaped by our past Freedom and our future ideas of Freedom.

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