The Secret To Finally Turn YOUR Goals Into “Done”

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This week we focus on “O” for organization. I love goal setting and have been doing it for decades. For the most part I have achieved what I set out to achieve. Many people I speak to, however, do not set goals. Yet, they do achieve some things. Naturally, they conclude goals are not necessary, nice job, nice family, nice home, what else do I need? The secret to accomplishing more escapes most people and that is why they convince themselves that goals aren’t needed.

Just think all the more joy, fulfillment and direction one can have with a few goals.

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How to Get More Meaning at Work with Ease

We spend more time at work than anywhere else. More than sleeping, more than Facebook (yup, or at least that should be correct), more than time with our family, at least during the week. If you work the “typical” weekday 9-5 routine or some aspect of that, your daily time is with your work and people at work. How’s it going for you? Are you fulfilled? I spent years in different jobs, because they met my skills and I was earning a living, just like I was taught.

The truth is, in many of these positions I was pretty good at the work, a good “soldier”,dutiful and helping the company do well. Inside, however,  I was a wreck and felt so much unnecessary stress.

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3 Ways to Use Adversity to Energize Your Life

This week I return as Energized as ever from the largest cancer survivor celebration in the United States, SURVIVORVILLE. This wonderful event in Nashville, Tennessee is the brainchild of 2 fantastic cancer survivors, Karen Shayne and Judy Pearson. 

Their dedication to making a day for cancer survivors that is upbeat and celebratory is pure genius and pure spirit! I honor them and they allowed me time to celebrate my cancer journey and the gift of survival.

As a thriving, successful executive woman, when I was hit with the cancer diagnosis, it punched me in the gut so hard I was dizzy for weeks. I was dazed,

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Who Do You Really Want To Be?

Who do you want to be was a common question as we were growing up? Just like Mom or Dad? A Favorite Uncle? A famous sport figure? As we define ourselves and desire to be better and have more, who do we want to be? Careful, let’s use pieces, but let’s keep what makes us unique.

In this day and age of celebrity and athlete adoration, we must step back and say, “who do I want to be?” I know, we are all grown up and should be who we are by now, but wait a minute.

Free yourself from limiting thinking! Who can you be like?

I talk to people all day long and I realize we are ALL wanting to modify this,

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When was the last time you did something for the first time?

This topic is on my mind all the time as I hear myself saying things like, my knee is sore therefore I can’t run or, “I don’t do that”… as my family laughs, knowing that I DO, DO THAT!

Limiting beliefs and thinking is a tough territory to maneuver. Most likely, people around us hear these limiting beliefs come out of our mouth when we don’t realize it. We say things and repeat them, ingraining in our minds and intellect with firm beliefs and positions, we argue for our own limiting paradigm.

I was walking Maggy (my lovely dog, awwww) the other day, and a neighbor said she started sailing lessons. She always wanted to learn to sail a boat.

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It’s Summer LIVING and time for MOCKTAILS!

We are taking a step back this week and relaxing, in the US this weekend is the unofficial start of summer with Memorial Day and we celebrate the brave men and women who have defended our freedom. Let’s raise a glass to Memorial Day and the start of summer. (TAKE MO ON THE GO, Click Here for Podcast!)

My inner “mixologist” comes out when I see limes, lemons and fresh berries. I follow FOOD52 and The Tasting Table for great tips on how to enjoy wonderful summer beverages.

This week I have my own recipes and mix ups! A little fruit, some citrus, herbs, sweetener and some soda water.

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The Secret To Your MasterMind Success

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “T” for Togetherness!

What is a MasterMind group? It is a concept described by Napoleon Hill in his epic success book, Think & Grow Rich. Back by popular demand I am starting another Book Club, coaching through this book. It starts May 13th, Wednesday, CLICK HERE to grab your seat in the FREE kick-off webinar.

“Mo really helped me see another way of creating my reality by coaching me through Think & Grow Rich. Now my dreams seem real, not far away” J.A, social entrepreneur

A MasterMind is a collection of people who come together to focus on their goals and create a harmonious and supportive space.

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How Is Your Inner Voice Treating You?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we cover “S” for Speaking!

In life we have an almost endless voice inside that at times won’t “shut up!”

OK… I don’t like to say those words, but geesh, can’t that inner voice just take a breath? Well, that is exactly what you need to do to quiet your inner voice. Take a few deep breaths! Slowing the breathing down, slows the inner voice down. CLICK HERE for the Meditation and Breathwork Audio I did on finding your center relaxing breath work.

What to do next? What is the inner voice saying? It’s either rattling off your worries,

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Organize Your Bathroom! What Chemicals Are In Your Beauty Products?

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of the 8 MOST LIFE themes, this week it’s “O” for Organization.

We are Organizing the bathroom, let’s get informed on what we are rubbing, smoothing, and coating on our body. Look out, it could be the source of your headaches, tiredness, sinus problems or hot-flashes.

Soon after a big life event, especially one that is life-threatening we take stock of our life. What can I do to not have this happen again? What was my role in this? Is there something I need to change to live the life I REALLY want?

This week,

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Journal Your Way To Your Meaning

Here at MOST LIFE we cover one of our eight themes each week. This week we explore the “M” in MOST LIFE for Meaning.

Journaling is an important part of many successful people’s routine. It helps everyday to stay in touch with your purpose and goals. I have always liked writing my thoughts, from the first little locked diary I received as a little girl to the leather bound journal I have now from a Tony Robbins event I attended in January. My journals over the years have run the gamut from composition notebooks to fancy journals with style.

There is magic in putting pen to paper and having your own hand form words and emotionally connect to the page,

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